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[Set 7]Enée Tepes !


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Aeneas (Fire)
-- -1 --
+1 +0 --
-- /\ --
-- -- --
8 Life
3 Speed
3 Experience
1 Base Damage
Gorgi Epithisi - Action: Once each round, if you are adjacent to an opposing warrior, move one space. After the move, if you are no longer adjacent to that warrior, deal 1 damage to them.
Aeneas was said to be the son of the goddess Aphrodite. He was the leader of the Dardans, allies of Troy, and is the legendary founder of Rome.

(2) Boonesborough
American Frontiersman*Armor*Location
Sharpened Pikes: When you attack with a polearm, you may re-roll one die of the attack or defense roll.
Secluded: After an opponent moves into a space adjacent to you, your next defense roll gains +2.

Still ... what do you think about it ?
Boonesborough was a fortified village, built in 1775 in Kentucky. Boone moved his family over the Wilderness Trail to live there.

(7) Albarda Espanola (2)
-- +1 --
+0 +0 -1
-- /\ --
-- -- --
Spanish * Weapon * Polearm (2 hands)
Perimetro Impenetrable: Once each round, when an opponent moves into a space in this weapon's attack grid, you may make an attack with this weapon.
The halberd consisted of an axe blade mounted on a long shaft and topped with a spike. A hook mounted behind the axe blade was used to topple mounted opponents.

(6) Huitzilopochtli (Fire)
Aztec * Inspiration * Deity
Axittomoctli: At the end of each round, deal 1 damage to all adjacent non-Fire warriors.
God of war, sun and death, he allowed the bravest men who had fallen in battle, and the bravest women, who had died in childbirth, to return to earth as butterflies.

I've got no idea about the fourth card ... except for a legacy one ...

The weapon may be switch for this one :

-- +2 --
+1 -- +0
-- /\ --
-- -- --
Irish * Weapon * Polearm (2 Hands)
Glechlaiomh: Attacks with this weapon deal +1 damage while you have a fire inspiration in play.
The spear was most revered of Celtic weapons, with those belonging to queens and kings often being exeptional works of art as well as instruments of war.

but I think it will be less effective ....
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